Hacks to create an effective SEO strategy

Google is a search engine that has its algorithm for ranking sites. We all know that the first page following a query retains the highest amount of traffic, more than 90 per cent. Among them, the top 3 are more likely to be selected by the consumer as an answer to their queries. And the chances of that are 75 per cent. These statics are enough to describe the importance of optimizing your site according to the search engine algorithm.


The optimization issue is that the algorithm used by google is not available to the general public, and only google knows all the details about it. Google issues updates about its current strategies, so we must analyze them in-depth and remain as up-to-date as possible when creating an SEO strategy.


For those who don’t know what SEO strategy is, it is the procedure to arrange our content to increase the probability of it coming at the top of the SERPs (search engine result pages). So, we should organize our SEO strategy in a way that you improve your search results and, more importantly, the organic traffic.

You can use hacks or tips to develop an effective SEO strategy. Like,


Keep an eye on the current updates

As google issues update their current policies, we should keep an eye on them. These can help us understand and put things appropriately on the to-do list and others in the ignored category. For example, there was a lot of emphasis on the LSI keywords some time ago. But according to the recent updates by the google representative, LSI keywords don’t matter in the current updates. Still, in most of the content, you find on the internet. You would surely see the importance of incorporating the LSI in the content as it helps rank better.

The reason might be that these updates are ignored, or the content must have been published a couple of years back, and it had that importance back then. So, we should follow the current update and research things on our own because the recent updates matter significantly for the search engine ranking and optimization.

Backlinks for a higher domain authority

Good Domain authority is crucial for a better SEO score. One method to increase your domain authority is the use of backlinks. You must create backlinks to the content you put in your blogs or website services pages if we talk about Google’s ranking factors. The backlink is in the top 3 aspects required for a high ranking. This backlink incorporation will ultimately increase your domain authority. Referring domain or the website’s links are directly linked with the traffic to your site. A few backlinks can rank your website well, and you don’t need hundreds or thousands of backlinks to stand out in the competition.

Prioritize the search queries

Most people who are new to SEO or have some experience in creating SEO strategy ignore the essential step of prioritizing the search intent or the search queries. The search intent means to look for what the audience is searching for rather than repeating the same process of stuffing keywords into your content and thinking it will rank.

Google, as a search engine, prioritize the demands of the audience. It will not recommend product buying pages to search queries that are looking for a certain kind of information about a particular product. If someone is searching for information on the battery life of a specific phone, Google will not show him search results about buying that phone.

So, to sell our phones through that information blog. We can incorporate a call to action in our informative blog post about buying that phone.

Understanding Google’s algorithm

Google’s algorithm has always been a mystery for most of us, and we as the general public are not as aware of the do’s and don’ts to rank better on google. But we can take specific guidelines from people who have been working as SEO experts for some time and are constantly working on google. Their personal experience with google must be worth value because they have spent much of their time on it.

Another thing we can do is to follow Google’s guidelines and updates on how the algorithms are changing and about things which will not work now as they were in the past.

We should try a mixture of these two things and look for what works for us.

Advanced guest posting

Back in the day, we used to look out for websites for guest posting for higher ranking; that is an effective method even now. But we can use an advanced technique of guest posting in podcasts. Podcasts are increasing in the whole world and more commonly in the first world countries and in public that is more likely to be involved in the business. According to a general study, 383.7 million people listen to podcasts globally. And these numbers are estimated to go up to 424 million by the end of this year.

User’s choice

Considering the choice of the user is very important. Nowadays, people are more interested in visual content and infographics. And a lesser audience is interested in plainly written content. Visual content is more appealing as it uses two senses at the same time. And it increases the learning ability and interest of the users. Moreover, the authenticity of the content is essential to create relevance and solves the issues in the search queries.

Mobile friendly experience

More internet users nowadays are shifting towards mobile. Mobile is becoming an essential tool in daily life routine. If you ask a group of people about what they do the first thing in the morning, most will say that they check out their mobile notifications.

So, sites should focus more on the web vitals that provide a mobile-friendly experience. Google’s mobile-first indexing practice can estimate the importance of a mobile-friendly experience. That means that Google uses the content’s mobile version for ranking and indexing. And this, by default, is enabled on all the new websites from July 1 2019.

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